To do: your January gardening planner


by Alison Lynes

Well, it’s January. We really hope you enjoyed your time off last month and got some rest. Wait, you didn’t know December is the only month gardeners can really take a break? Everybody needs a break sometime, and what will all the holiday carousing it’s not the best time to be thinking about getting your hands dirty. But it’s a new year, and now really is the time to get your growing in gear. Our handy monthly planner should help you figure out what you should be doing right now.

  • Plan this season’s crop rotations. This is important for disease prevention, insect control, and to keep nutrients balanced in the soil. Make a drawing of your garden and plot out where each group of vegetables (leafy greens, fruits, roots, legumes) will go this year.
  • Make or review your budget and prioritize your major projects and purchases for the year.
  • If you haven’t already tried sprouting, get some glass jars and seeds and go to sprout school!
  • If there’s a year-round farmers’ market near you, now is a good chance to introduce yourself to the farmers. They aren’t as busy now as they will be soon, so you can get to know them, ask them lots of questions, and maybe even arrange for a leisurely visit to the farm.

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