The future looks hungry

Untitled-1Predicting the future is a difficult business — there is lots of talk about peak oil, peak water, even peak food. Only time will tell if these peaks have come or gone.

What is hard to argue however, is the fact that all humans need food and water for survival.

These strategic commodities are under serious pressure, made obvious by ‘punk economics‘ economist and Irish journalist, David McWilliams.

His latest video, The Global Food Economy (posted below), explains in simple illustration how the Irish famine, which led to a mass exodus from the country, could become the story of the entire globe in the next 50 years unless we resolve issues around over-consumption, diet, energy and food security.

At less-than 12 minutes, this information-packed video is worth watching and yet another reminder of the importance of strengthening local economies and supporting local products and farmers.


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