Seed addict (UPDATED)

(Image: Rustik magazine)

(Image: Rustik magazine)

When the red flag on the Rustik mailbox goes up, our hearts beat a little quicker, we get a case of the shakes, and if the 1980s rocker Robert Palmer were to write a song about it, we would have to wholeheartedly concur: might as well face it, we’re addicted. To seed catalogs, that is.

In that vein, the Rustik team thought it would be fun to share a list of all the seed catalogs that have arrived in the mail over the last month. If we don’t receive a catalog from a supplier you swear by, tell us about it on our Facebook page or in the comments section below. After all, we’re addicted — we need help!

In no particular order, Rustik has received:

Florabunda Seeds

Terra Edibles

Lindenberg Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds (US)

The Cottage Gardener

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (US)

Dominion Seed House

Vesey’s Seeds

The Halifax Seed Company

Ontario Seed Company (OSC)

William Dam Seeds

Heritage Harvest Seed

What did we miss? Tell us your favourites!


We asked, you responded. Here are some of your favourite additions to the seed addiction list:

Urban Harvest

Salt Spring Seeds

Annapolis Seeds

Pumpkin Moon Farm

Seed Savers  (US)

Cooks Garden (US)

Backyard Beans and Grains (US)

Horizon Herbs (US)

Bountiful Gardens (US)

Fedco (US)


Greta’s Organic Gardens

High Mowing Seeds (US)

And, if you’re interested in bareroot stock trees available by mail, check in with our friends Ken Roth, and Ernie Grimo:

Silvercreek Nursery (fruit trees)

Grimo Nut Nursery (nut trees)


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