March madness: this month’s gardening tasks

Photo Credit: Crystl via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Crystl via Compfight cc

March, with its longer and warmer days, marks the unofficial start of gardening season. Even if the snow is still melting where you are, there are some tasks you can attend to now to usher in the start of spring.

  • Get started on planning for any soil improvements you may need this year, including manures, composts, peat moss, or sand mixtures. Many areas of Maritime Canada have acidic soils that require the addition of lime – be sure to do this ahead of time, as lime should not be added once crops are in the ground.
  • Divide and replant any congested or overgrown perennial herbs, like chives, mint and marjoram, while they are still dormant.
  • Dig up any shrubs you may have put in the wrong place and reposition them now.
  • Make a recycled bird feeder out of plastic bottles, milk cartons or scraps of wood.
  • Connect with fellow gardeners online, ask questions, share successes and stories.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, think about doing some spring cleaning on it now, while it is relatively empty, to prevent pests and diseases from spreading when warmer weather comes. Clean windows to make sure your plants get the maximum amount of sunlight – less light can lead to seedlings becoming straggly. Try to choose a mild day so you can open doors and vents and give them a good going over as well.

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